Men’s Wellness Therapy

Men’s Wellness Therapy


Positioning is everything. Especially, when teeth and jaws are concerned. Misalignment of any of these two can lead to serious oral health consequences and difficulties. It can easily hazard your daily normal life.

The orthodontics branch of dental medicine is here to help you! With things like braces, dental implants and other treatments, which will make your smile well proportioned, symmetric and naturally beautiful again! Diagnodent is an important part of our Orthodontics services.

Service Cost

Orthodontics services $500
Consultation Free
Dental Filling $200
Laser Restoration Free


You can easily book your next appointment with us either over the phone on (719)445-2808 or online with the book now button above. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our prices are so low because our team  believe that everyone has a right to quality, affordable dental care, close to home.

Of course, one thing that being a professional dentist requires is the experience. Because there can be no true expertise that it is not backed by extensive experience. All of the dentists at our clinic boast both!