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Tiny medical device can propel itself through bloodstream

For fifty years, scientists had searched for the secret to making tiny implantable devices that could travel through the bloodstream. Engineers at Stanford have demonstrated a wirelessly powered device that just may make the dream a reality. By Andrew Myers

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Monitoring Your Health With Mobile Devices

A medical camera from Firefly Global shows a child’s eardrum on a screen. Dr. Eric Topol is only half joking when he says the smartphone is the future of medicine — because most of his patients already seem “surgically connected”

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Mammograms Benefit Women in their 40s, Study Shows:

A great debate about early detection via mammography screening and the costs. It looks like from our friends at TIME, early detection for women is very important. Mammograms catch tumors earlier, result in less invasive treatment and increase women’s chances

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Eric Topol at TEDMED: Consumer Mobile Healthcare is Here…

<p><p><a target=”_blank” href=””>Eric Topol at TEDMED </a></p></p>

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Items to remove from your kitchen / home: 1. Plastic Bottles and plastic containers: Plastics are known endocrine disruptors, which means they interact with hormone receptors, possibly making a person more susceptible to precocious puberty or hormone related cancers. Food

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Mobile Technology and Healthcare Looking Ahead…

Mobile Health, or “mHealth”, offers benefits throughout the healthcare industry. For clinicians, mHealth is a method to remotely monitor a patient’s health and improve the quality care rendered. For patients, mHealth provides a way to monitor their own health more

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From Fat To Feeling Good: ACAM member and guest blogger, Dr. Scott Greenberg, of the Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ is easing joint pain for his patients with a new therapy using the patients’ own stem

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East meets West: Chinese delegation visited UCLA to discusses traditional Chinese Medicine

As most Angelinos know, the UCLA Health System is on the cutting edge of healthcare; however, many are not aware of its interest in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). On June 10, 2010, Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang of the Chinese Ministry of Health

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Superbugs from space offer new source of Electricity

Bacteria normally found 30km above the earth have been identified as highly efficient generators of electricity. Bacillus stratosphericus – a microbe commonly found in high concentrations in the stratosphere orbiting the earth with the satellites – is a key component of

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What are Telomeres?

 Could telomeres provide an answer to questions like “How long will I live?” or “Will I get cancer?” What are telomeres? Telomeres are structures at the ends of chromosomes  that contain repetitive stretches of DNA. They “seal” chromosomes at the tips,

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